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LOLs and WTFeries

...Did you remember my awful office job? Well, I was supposed to work there until September. Then the boss told me I could work also on October.
"Fine," I said.
I was already purring at my next parassitic jobless period, when tuesday I read a note on my computer in which my collegue told me that the next week I'll have to start the afternoon turn.
Obviously I went all "WTF, the boss told me I would quit today!" and she was all "I have no idea, he told me that."
Once the boss arrived I stopped him ('cause he's the kind of busy weird persons who never stop >_>) and asked him for explainations.
And he said "Uh? Do you wanna go away D': ?" and me "WTF! You told me that I?ll have to XD !"
So, now I'm working there until I got a better job. If I'll find something else, I'll just have to tell to the boss and he'll give me happy liquidation and bye-bye.
Well, I must confess I'm pretty fine like that.
It's a bit sad that at 25 years I still work part-time with an undefined contract of employement-- But who fucking cares. Since my parents will be alive I'll be quite fine X'D <-is an irresponsible idiot
--Speaking of responsibilities, I fucking need to clean my room. I'm not used to live in dusty dirty places but since I work I didn't have any time to clean everything up properly.
Bah. I wanna draw porn this afternoon ._. <-is an UTTER irresponsible idiot

Speaking of porn, I was able to get Roy/Riza at fma_fuh_q >3 It'll be a lot of fun drawing some het porn, expecially with my cute canon OTP ^^
...And call me psycho, but I wanna do a David/Ryan/Damien doujinshi >_>;
I still have no idea of the whole dynamic and who'll top who, but the three guys are already my crack OT3 X'DDDD
Evelyn: WHAT?! YOU FUCKING SICKO!!!! Damien is MINE!!! You can't put straight nice guys in your horrible fag porn!
Dae: --I'll give you Alex/Evelyn/Damien in return.
Evelyn: *pauses* Uh. Well, you can go on. You've my approvation. *thumbs up*
*Damien cries a "WTF?!!" in the background*
Dae: *nods and considers a Kammy/Clara/Erszabeth too*

Ah. And did you notice ryan_mustang, yeah..?

Some days ago I got a letter from Fumetto with the conditions for this year's comics competition.
I took part to the internation comic festival of Lucerne an year ago. Of course I didn't win anything 'cause my submission was pretty crappy.
It had been my first attempt to join a comic contest though, and I was pretty happy with myself; it was a period in which I got the impression that all my artistry was pretty useless, so I conidered this contest more a challenge against myself than against the other partecipants.
Once I sent the pack with my pathetic three pages story I felt extremely relieved, also if I know I didn't a remarkable job. I did it and submit it per time and it was more than a success for me.
Once the exposition finished I got my comic back :3
I looked for it in my stuff and I was able to find it. Now I want to share it with you also if it sucks ^^;
The theme was Music. I interpreted the subject as a way to get in touch with themselves and others.
Tools: Ink, Photoshop, coloured pencils (>3)
Totally worksafe ^^

. Music

...BTW, if I'll have a nice idea I may try to take part also this year >3
I got a nice story I stopped working on time ago and that I may finish >3
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