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My friends!
Today I got to buy the 5th volume of Exoskull Zero, that as you know, it's been released in Italy for my infinite joy.
I was looking forward to this volume because, if you remember, this was the one that featured the return of Harara into the story (Exoskull Zero is a sequel of Kakugo no Susume [aka Apocalypse Zero in the USA])!

So, the story starts with a flashback of Ren (the Antagonist), where the boy tells Kakugo (the Protagonist) about his "mission". In doing so, he talks about his first meeting with Harara, or better, "The Human Demon", someone who he had to meet to find a solution for the disease that was corrupting the mind of the human beings.

On his way he meets "The Soldier Guardian", Shin, that reminded me instantly of Rai, Harara's lover on Kakugo:
The two have a talk and an obvious fight, from where both of them come out gravely injuried (to be honest, I guess that Shin died, it wasn't very clear XD).

A beaten-up Ren is then brought to Harara for an audience:

Ren is in awe.
Harara is portrayed as a hermaphrodite. Ren meets him when he just comes out from a purifying bath of "blood and wine".

Harara "tastes" Ren, and then squeezes his organs out, so to have a vision of Ren's soul out of pain.

Here Harara identifies Ren as "Medusa", the woman who wanted to turn people into stone and wonders why a warrior of justice would have such a monstruous personality.

Ren answers that his wish is to save the souls of the people who didn't turn into "blessed", the cannibal monsters living the Earth at that time, and to do so he needed the armour of Harara.

Harara dismissed him, apparently condemning him to Death, but saves him when he realizes that his spirit is that of a pure and resolute warrior:

"You remind me of my little brother" are his last words to Ren before granting him his armour, Kasumi.

After this scene, it looks like Harara didn't join the battle or is going to show up again soon, but he removed himself from the living people, living as a hermit in his castle with his guards.
Detached and obscure, is a completely different Harara from the one of Kakugo, sharing with him just the charisma and strenght.
I'm really intrigued and for ever in love ♥


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