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Report of Expo 2015 (finally x'D) !! - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Report of Expo 2015 (finally x'D) !! [Aug. 13th, 2015|03:35 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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Ok guys, I finally found the courage to go through the thousand pics that I took to present you this joyful report on my (first) visit to the Expo 2015 of Milan!

Ok then, I approached the Fiera on a scorching morning of August together with my newly acquired friend Matteo-- Our always lovely Babi was supposed to come with us, but she had to stay home because of a bothering illness D: It was pretty dramatic for us "country bumpkin" to travel around the mysteries of Milanese public transportations, but somehow we managed!

The first thing that we saw, was this glorious "parade" of "food citizens" :D
The author is the glorious set designer Dante Ferretti :o !!!

Already mesmerized, we entered the Pavilion Zero, a sort of "introduction" to the Expo:

Once out of this dramatic yet hopeful "introduction" we reached for the Decumano, the main street where the various pavilions are placed.
It was really pretty :o

We spotted further installations along the road, the "markets", again the job of Dante Ferretti :3

Finally, a few shots of the various pavilions that can be found along the Decumano:

Then it was the turn of the Italian area: as Italy had too many things to show off in a mere pavilion, we had our very own personal "route", the Cardo, that crossed the main Decumano Street.

A little note: the free water T^T ♥
Every now and then you could spot the casual tourist from Northern Europe using these to refresh their heads. Eeeeh∼

Now, a little premise.
I was really intrigued by the Asian and Arabian countries, so I wanted to focus my experience with the visit of many pavilions about cultures that I'm not so used to and try some interesting, new dish.
"Hey guys, I'm telling you beforehand, don't you dare to drag me to the Japanese pavilion and make me stay there the whole time", I said.

--So, guess where I went to eat?
It wasn't even funny T^T

The positive thing is that I managed to try the famous Wagyu meat!
Gggh, so good ToT !!


Next we obviously visited the Japanese pavilion, which theme was "Harmonious Diversity", with a strong accent on culture, "locality" and the importance of ingredients and their selection.
The final exhibition focused on a "Dream Restaurant" of the future where you could interact with your food, its ingredients and the people around you... Very fun, even if at a certain point it looked like a Vocaloid AMV x'D !

I really enjoyed this pavilion, expecially because it was a guided tour through it. Very time optimizing.

We kept staying there to see the events of the "Festival of Aichi and Nagoya", our favourite place in Japan XD We picked this day to visit expecially because of it! We had the chance to try out some local specialty (here's the inarisushi and the red miso soup of Toyokawa) and later on to meet the legendary Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-tai!!!

BWAAAAAH ToT !!! I'm so happy that I managed to see them!! Last time that I visited Nagoya I couldn't see their exhibition because of an unfortunate overlapping of events T^T ..!
I took lots of pictures of Nobunaga (and Ieyasu, my favourite >o< !!)--You can see them on my Nobunaga's blog :D

At this point me and Matteo went to separate ways: my mission was to visit the Italian "Palace" as I was really curious about it-- It was the wrong choice.
Whanna know why? --Well, look at the line T^T

1 hour of line my ass! IT WAS WAY LONGER D': !!!

Anyway, I finally managed to get there.
Italy had no "pavilion", as its culinary excellences were already displayed on the Cardo Street.
This was, pretty much, an extra to make us feel "superior" to the rest of humankind x'DDD
It focused on our "power" of invention, beauty and future... At the end of the tour there was the chance to sign the Milan Charter (take your time to visit the page and read about it) :D
The most awe-inspiring part was the one dedicated to the "power of beauty", dedicated to Italian landscapes... It was very fun to hear people trying to guess where those places were located XD The comment "What the-- Is this in Italy?!" was the most frequent XD

After this I tried to approach the other pavilions (my picks were China, Thailandia, Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar) but the lines were way too huge and I had to go away to not be late to check the Busho-tai at the Japanese pavilion (AGAIN!!) T^T

I had the chance to visit the pavilion of the Holy See, though, where was exhibited a beautiful tapestry designed by Rubens portraying the Last Supper.
--This pavilion... made me think ò_o
It was-- Really strange! (and I got a free magnet of Pope Francis :D Yeeeeh)

After the Busho-tai show we had to leave, as our train was expected to leave on a hour and so from the Central Station of Milan D:
Long story short, a great event, great place-- Too bad that I had to leave so early without practically seeing nothing T__T

--I guess that I'll have to visit again-- But with a better strategy, this time XD

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