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Cosplay Developments! Kycilia Mk II! - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Cosplay Developments! Kycilia Mk II! [Apr. 15th, 2015|08:03 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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So, as you may imagine, the past weekend I attended Romics as usual-- I was supposed to have some strategic shopping and enjoy some events but NO, I just met with my GIC friends for some promotional cosplay of sort-- It's been fun, as we got to meet lots of new Gundam fans and take idiotic pictures, but I missed my otaku activities T^T Yeah, cosplaying can be quite a bother-- But as it's the main feature of my con attendance, I'll just bother you about how I fixed my "old" costume into a fancier one!
As you know, Kycilia Zabi is my favourite female character of the series, and if possible, my favourite female character of the whole saga, all the AU, spin-offs and alternative timelines involved...One may wonder why, as Kycilia is pretty much the standard villain in mecha series, with a fixation for conspiracies and not such a moral attitude towards her allies.

Well, she always struck me as an independent woman, someone who's not pissed at giving up her classic female role, but on the contrary, strives to reach the same "dignity" and relevance of her brothers.
Many female characters in Gundam tend to turn into eminent bitches because of some love troubles-- Kycilia is terrible, but not because of romance. She doesn't care about her male counterparts, and when some men is involved, she just relegates them to an opportunistic role.
I liked how strong and assertive she gets to look, how little she gets to think with her lower parts to favour plots and such, so I feel a strong bond and sympathy towards her.

My first attempt to cosplay Kycilia in her anime outfit dates to Ludica of 2013.
After a full year I got to fix some details to make my costume better and more comfortable to stay in :D
I even got to find another wig that I managed to style properly ToT !!!! My friends kept making fun of the bright orange, but screw them, that's how it is XD !

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