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The High-Mobility Types - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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The High-Mobility Types [Mar. 17th, 2015|02:36 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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Here I am, talking again about my cute Zakus!
Here above you can see the R-types of my collection in all their glory.
This kit is available in HG scale only for the custom version, Johnny "The Crimson Lightning" Ridden</a>, Shin "The White Wolf" Matsunaga and the Black Tri-Stars:

While dealing with these kits I met some troubles.
First of all, some details of the kit HAD TO BE painted-- I wanted to avoid painting kits, but in the end I preferred to paint them rather than using those weird stickers coming with the model.
Here I am waiting for the first coating of white on the Tristar's Zaku to dry for a a first clean up and a second coating.

I picked a classic "non-commander" unit for this kit, as all the custom kits tend to be commander type, and it's really boring XD --So, no antenna for it!

This kit was a real pain the ass to deal with :/
I use to sand my gunpla so to remove that plastic toy vibe, but some parts are really impossible to render properly--
In the end I gave up and painted them too. The effect is not so bad, even if far from perfect.

My favourite kit of the lot was definitely Shin's!
It's all White, so it was so easy to clean and hide the errors XD
I used a mechanical pencil for the paneling, following a friend's suggestion, and the result is quite smooth!
Here's a little pic of the back of the model, which I find quite intriguing!

As you probably (didn't notice) the main difference between the R-1 and the R-2 type is in their legs.
The R-2 is supposed to be lighter and faster, as suggested by the extra armour on its legs.

Before the appearance of the Dom, that will replace these cute Zakus as the final High Mobility MS, is worth a mention the RD-4, a prototype for the Dom, that makes a brief appearance in The 08th MS Team OAV series.

The proper development of the R-type, though, is the R-3S.
This will be developed in the Gelgoog, the answer of Zeon to the Gundam model.

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