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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zakus - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Zakus [Feb. 14th, 2015|04:36 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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Hello, everyone!
This is a short post to tell you that I opened a new page on my website dedicated to my Zaku collection and to confess you why I love them so much.

Like everyone who first watched Gundam, of course my first noticing the Zaku was because of Char, and his red-painted custom unit.

After that majestic performance, I started to pay more and more attention to this mobile suit, and before I even realized, it became easily my favourite one.

The design is simply awesome.
The legend says that when Kunio Okawara, the mecha designer of Gundam, had to come with a design for the enemy mobile suits, he decided to take inspiration from the look of a "soldier": the WWII-ish feel of the Zeon Forces and their choice of weapons (the Zaku Machine gun is pretty much a tribute to the soviet DP) is undeniable and definitely part of its charm.

I always had the impression that the Zaku, despite the threatening look, looked kinda cute and girly.
It's probably because of its legs.
Other mechas in Japanese animation tend to look squared and pointy, you know? The Zaku is the first mecha that I noticed with such cute, curvy lines.

It's to grant the stability of the whole thing, of course, but the final effect is that a schoolgirl with loose socks, don't you have the same impression x'DD ?

I also love how expressive it is.
Just a change of angle, and it looks from super-pissed to clueless x'DD
--Ok, I'm starting to realize that I sound kinda sick-- But isn't that proof of my honest appreciation ♥ ?!


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