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Winter Anime Season! First Impressions! + Saint Seiya movie∼ - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Winter Anime Season! First Impressions! + Saint Seiya movie∼ [Jan. 14th, 2015|09:19 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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My to-watch list is still missing the first OVA of Shingeki no Kyojin: Kuinaki Sentaku, but 'til the "official" releases would be out I guess that there's a very little chance to see them subbed soon :/
So I'm about to talk about the first episodes of the anime that I just watched!

TOKYO GHOUL √A - temporary vote: 6 - I was really looking forward to the new series, and this first episodes left me a bit meh. I assume that the development of the story will answer to some of my doubts (Kaneki joined the "bad guys" as a mean to get revenge? Or he's aware of some truth that a sane person can't really grasp XD ?) but for now I'm quite disappointed with where this is going :/ I'm not planning to drop it, though, I'm curious to see how it ends.
KOUFUKU GRAFFITI - temporary vote: 6 - I was quite doubtful about this series, but once I realized that it's not a harem anime, I'm glad to entertain myself with its light-minded silly stories about moe, delicious food and yuri hints. Cheerfully entertaining.
JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURES: STARDUST CRUSADERS (2nd season)- temporary vote: 6 - Hey, this was my favourite arc in the manga, it's a bit disturbing to see it's kinda boring once animated XD I'm still enjoying it, but I'm not extremely excited over it.
ALDNOAH.ZERO (2nd season) - temporary vote: 7 - Again, as in Tokyo Ghoul, another series that I was looking forward to, in the end it destroyed all the awe of the last episode, turning into quite a vapid resolution.
Contrary to Tokyo Ghoul, though, I REALLY LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING XD, so I still managed to get properly entertained.
Again, one of my favourite series this season.
SHOUNEN HOLLYWOOD: HOLLY STAGE FOR 50 - temporary vote: 6 - This is the only anime about idols that I happen to enjoy XD It's because of its honest slice of life feeling that, even if not excited, it makes me feel kinda sated.
I mean, it's quite plain and boring in a sense, but this is what makes it plausible and entertaining XD --It's also strangely deep! I'm really baffled...
KUROKO NO BASKET (3rd season) - temporary vote: 7 - Good old Kuroko, this third and probably last series is going to give me some satisfactions. I really enjoyed to see Haizaki animated ♥ Can't wait to see the other "Uncrowned Kings"!! I wanna hear everyone's voices >o< !!! KYAAAH!
YORU NO YATTERMAN - temporary vote: 5 - I'm a huge fan of the Time Bokan franchise, so I decided to give a try to this out of nostalgy-- I'm quite bothered by how Miss Doronjo turned into a loli character >_> I'll keep up with it for another few episodes, despite this flaw it still has the potential to be a nice series... I'll keep an eye on its development!

Also, yesterday I went to see the last movie of Saint Seiya, Legend of Sanctuary!
To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it, but since it was presented in local cinemas and it offered the "historical dubbing" (I mean, the same guys who dubbed the anime series when I was a brat XD) I decided to give it a try, also if I heard negative reviews, assuming that negative reviews are standard once you're going to present an "alternative retelling" of something that deals with someone's childhood...
In the end-- It was a decent rendition. I mean, it lacked the original pathos, the fights were quite unsatisfactory and some really WTF moments left me completely dumbfounded (what happened to Cancer ò_o; ? Scorpio is a woman?!! And Pisces D: --!!!! Also, ahahah, what was that "Transformers" thing with Gemini at the end?! Are they serious, ahahahah!) but-- For once I wanna be vain: IT WAS A SHOW FOR THE EYES. I loved the design of the armours!! OMG, THE HOUSES OF THE SIGNS WERE FREAKING AWESOME (also if one should raise an eyebrow, instead of Greek temples they looked like Baroque churches)! The CG was stunning--! And so on XD
The truth is that I went there without expecting anything, so I managed to keep my hopes quite low... In the end it was an entertaining movie.

Also, I want to say that I'm doing my homeworks: I decided to retrieve all the stuff that I dropped and ignored and watch all the Gundam series that my otaku curriculum is lacking-- Right now I'm marathoning through Gundam Wing-- Wish me luck!
Stupid, stupid Sechs!!

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