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Romics 2014 (Spring Edition) Report - Day #2 (belated D': ) - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Romics 2014 (Spring Edition) Report - Day #2 (belated D': ) [Apr. 11th, 2014|04:00 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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Ok, I've been so busy in these past days that I don't even-- I post this now, so late it's almost a crime, but it's a matter of now or never!

So, on Sunday 6, I attended my second day of Romics, the one dedicated to my friends meeting and cosplay.
--From the pic above you can tell why I hate Sundays...

Even if the conferences that I was looking forward the most happened on Saturday and I couldn't go because of work, there were still some thingies that I wanted to check out.
The first one was a mini-conference dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of Batman.
There were some delegates of the editorial and cinematographic fields, and the leader of the Gotham Shadows cosplay project.
The contribution of this last one was the most interesting, surprisingly! He talked about the evolution of the Bat costume, and how every change was functional to the period... Very interesting (also, pretty nice biceps >3) !

The second event that I wanted to check was the calligraphy workshop at the usual stand of the Institute of Japanese Culture:
After I ridiculed myself with an attempt at it, I bothered the sensei with a request-- Guess what I asked for XD

--Then it was all about the cosplay and taking pictures... Unfortunately the place was so crowded that some shots are terrible because people kept getting in the way and I couldn't focus properly or the light was terrible, but I hope that you'll enjoy these anyway :3

First, this guy "cosplaying" Jesus:
He was an idiot, but the whole thing was pretty fun XDD He went around randomly mimicking some biblical narration, and people gathered around him automatically XDDD

Then, some gracious pictures of Shingeki no Kyojin because, YEAH:

--My main worry was getting ALL THE LEVIS, but the other characters were fine too XD
Loved Jean and Rainer+Annie ♥

Then, JoJo!
It's incredible that I managed to meet all the guys from the JoJo cosplay group (but those that I was looking for T_T) even without a date at the convention!
Jotaro vs Dio-- With stands!

Caesar ♥

Rohan ♥

Manji ♥ (like ASASAFDSDFg), me as Josuke from Jojolion and another Jotaro!

Another Dio and Narancia∼

Then, I was about to leave by now but the Narancia cosplayer told me that she saw a Daiya around! SSDSDSGHghjh, I went to look after her and I found her XD
We jumped into each other's arms as soon as we saw each other XDD LOL at squeezing strangers because of cosplay XDD ♥

Here I found another friend, this time from the Gundam Italian Club *_*
His Gundam Wing costume is amazing *_*

--And I'm an idiot:

Then, on the random side!

Righteous Sailor Moon moment:

With pretty drag queens, too *_*
(Guys, am I weird if I find transexuals hot D': ..? --B-But those muscley thighs!!!)

More majokko, featuring god!Madoka and the witch:

MORE MAJOKKO, vintage style, featuring Majokko Megu-chan (& Non)!
(I loved this series when a kid T_T; !!)

--I wonder if Ōgon Bat can be considered as a "majokko" too XD ..?

Then, pretty fem!Izaya/Shizuo
--Totally worth a picture.

Kill la Kill characters-- They were part of a group but I wasn't in the mood of following them around XD
--I even dropped Kill la Kill ._.;

And Free! group!
There was no Makoto ;_; but Rin and Haruka were two males x'DD
Girls are the cutest, though ù_u

And, well, this is all :Q
...See you again on October XD

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