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Gundam Exhibition @MuFant - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Gundam Exhibition @MuFant [Mar. 3rd, 2014|04:36 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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So, a few days ago I've been to the first event of the Italian Gundam Club to celebrate the 35 years of Gundam.
--To be honest, I could stay for so little that I didn't manage to attend any discussion or even check the exhibition properly...But let's go in order.

Unfortunately the MuFant was pretty much in disarray because of some economical troubles (go figure!), so we were given less space than we agreed on, and everything was mixed up with Star Wars or random dinosaurs' showcases T_T; !
It was a pity, because the materials that the members brought were extremely interesting and cool, and to use a better managed space would have been better for everyone...

...Expecialy for the exhibition of the exclusive gunpla collections of Italian Gunpla Builder! He brought lots of stuff but could show off only half of it.
--Here is a picture of the"Char's MS Collection" :D
I was really curious to see it!

I brought my Char figurine! He found his righteous place among his MS instantly XD

Here's a shot of the whole thing featuring my Char XD

Unfortunately since I could stay only for a bit I had to leave before the interviews and comments of the guests T_T
The guys standing are respectively Ry of IGB and the President of our club∼
The guy doing the talking here is the director of the MuFant.

And in the end I leave you with a shot of my cosplay XD
--Eeeh, next time I should put some foundation on, LOLOL

For the making of this post I have to thank my fellow gundamaniac (and Zeon follower XD) Emiliano, who kindly let me use the pictures that he took at the exhibition.
You can check the rest of the pictures on his account!

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