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An insanely belated report on Romics 2013 (Spring Edition)-- - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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An insanely belated report on Romics 2013 (Spring Edition)-- [Apr. 13th, 2013|08:02 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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--Well, guys, you know. Better late than never!

Yes, sometimes I go to conventions for socializing purposes too.
In this period, as you should know by now, I'm pretty hyped by Hiroshi Takahashi's mangas, so time ago I joined this Italian forum about the subject and-- I found some new friends ;_;
Unfortunately everyone is gloriously scattered all over the country, so it's extra difficult to meet T_T For this edition of the Romics some of them managed to come, though! The pic above shows the only ones of us who were dressed in a WORST theme XD Another girl was featuring an Adventure Time cosplay (everyone recognized her and we kept on being the obscure morons, LOL), two other members were dressed normally (it's weird that I have to specify this...) and there was a Teap, too XD !

As you know, when you're in a group it's quite difficult to focus on the events and stuff, so I didn't manage to check a few events that I was looking forward to, like the meeting with David Lloyd, aka the illustrator of V for Vendetta... Surprisingly enough, this guy accepted to sign some autographs as he was there, and one of the forum members managed to get her copy of Vendetta signed up and all (we all gave up instantly as we checked the line, LOL) :D
Anyway, I was expecting something "less cool" since this was an obvious "extra" convention that didn't make much sense, but there were lots of stuff and activities D: I spent most of the time buying crap and talking shit about everyone, so I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings (you know, the feeling you get when you look at something over and over and you still feel like missing details? That was me XD)-- But, yeah, I had lots of fun ;_;

Cosplay-wise, I saw lots of Jojo's cosplayers!!! YEEEE!
First of all, a cute Bucciarati
I didn't take any picture on my own T_T but I had to force Teap to take at least this few!

I couldn't take live pictures of the following boys, but I managed to find them on DevART! So happy <3 ! I obviously left on their deviations all kind of stalkerish comments, LOL. I bet I'm scaring them to death x'D SORRY EVERYONE!
Avdol Mohammed Cosplay ~ JoJo by ~Gdula on deviantART

So, three JoJos walk into a bar... by ~SquallGTO on deviantART

--That Kakyoin's pose makes me laugh so hard x'D

Also, dulcis in fundo, this awesome Rei:
It was a wonderful costume!! So cool and original! ...Was she cosplaying a Revoltech figure XD <3 ?
It's a pity that both of use look horrifying in this pic ;_; She was so tiny and cute T_T;

You probably guessed by now, I was not dressing up like a lazyass, it's an actual badass cosplay, LOL XD
The characters is Takumi from the WORST manga, as portrayed in this figure here.
Yes, it's a pitiful cosplay. But I think that cosplay must be all about giving some glory to your favourite character, not an excuse to act like demented idols. Yanno.
The thing that goes nicely when you're together with someone, though, is the shopping.
Did you notice that when you're in good company you tend to buy more stuff than usual? I definitely do.
This is what I got:
I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases, but some of them were-- Uh, quite crazy. Unstoppable moments of passions.

Let me review everything:
First of all, my most prized possession: S.H. Figuarts - Apocalypse Zero: Exoskeleton Kasumi.
I love Susume no Kakugo, and Harara is pretty much my favourite character T_T Consider that after I got this, I had to buy her cute brother Kakugo (sold-out everywhere) on Rakuten. Yes, someday I'll quit online shopping, but it's not going to happen now XD

My cute Real Action Hero - Rei Ayanami ;_;
I finally got one T_T/ And it was at a cheaper price than in Japan XD Yeah, I actually wanted the one in a plug-suit, but this is so cute, too ;_; Look at her cute bandaged hand ;_; !!! *dies*
...Before buying it, I asked everyone to search on their smartphones how much it costed around XDD In the end this was cheaper than any auction we found.

This one of the "crazy" purchases XD
I just thought, "Damn, I love Slam Dunk and I have nothing about it", so when the guy who was selling it told me that he was going to make me a discount, I got them.
--It's Chinese stuff. Don't know if it's official or not, but since they have their own website and stuff I think so ò_o;

This is another WTF-ARE-YOU-DOING-WITH-YOUR-MONEY-DAE?!! purchase.
But these tiny dollies ARE SO CUTE. And detailed. And all-around lovely. I just had to buy THE WHOLE SERIES.
They were cheap, just 3,25 euros each >3> ..!
I'm still keeping them in their boxes, though. I noticed that they don't come with a pedestal XD ..!</center>

Then, I'm throwing it here just to boast.
During this edition of the Romics there was the casting for a reality show dedicated to amateur comic-makers, and I passed the first selections :3
The day after I submitted my page, I had to take some interviews for the show. That was so embarassing T_T I also had to deal with a professional make-up artist ;_; But it was a fun experience (I even managed to make a friend! A fellow comic-maker keen on American stuff!), I'll keep you guys updated and tell you how it'll go, whenever I'll manage to pass the eliminatories!
Just in case you care, here's my page:
It's the story that time ago I suggested you guys for a new webcomic.
--Anyway, the experience was quite WTF, I was about to forfeit it because I have troubles at home, then the organizers called me to tell me that I shouldn't, that one shouldn't give up on their dreams and all that crap, so I put this page (and characters profiles) together the night before the "delivery"-- I went to sleep at 4am and my eyes were bleeding... And since I had to draw on an A3 page I couldn't scan nor print my thingie, so so long for my Photoshop skills... When the jury complained about my lack of knowledge about the "modern technologies" I had to explain this shit during the interview XD I hope that the audience will find my moronic real-life gags endearing enough to vote for me x'DD

--And that's all :D
See you later to talk about anime! 'Cause your overly busy Dae here managed to catch up with all the anime that she wantd to check on during this season!

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