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'Student Days' fanart + randomz--

First, I finally finished the William/Grell picture:
As usual, you can find the whole thing on DevART :3

This said, I have some stuff to discuss with you!
GLEE 2x19 - Oh, good lord. Finally a PROPER, NICE EPISODE. This was was pretty good, and there wasn't even any Kurt being gay! Ok, they kinda exceeded my "DRAMATIC EXIT" quota, but I guess that at a certain point they were making it on purpose... I'm really glad that they finally got a grip about that pairings delirium that we saw on the previous episodes, and I'm glad that THEY NOTICED THEMSELVES and came up with such a nice, witty episode. DAMN, they managed to make me feel for some characters that I usually ignore. Like cute Artie, and poor Sam, who have been so easily bullied by the fandom and the crazy shippers 'til now (I admit that I'm an Artie bully too, I just wanted to see Santana/Brittany happen, so I couldn't care a bit about how he'd feel about it-- And damn, this episode made me feel mean ;_;)-- Honestly, I'm impressed. please, keep this scriptwriter writing XD

--In a desperate quest for Starry Sky yaoi doujinshi I stumbled over this... It's an uke!Kazuki anthology, and I'm intrigued since it features my favourite Kazuki pairings (Oushiro/Kazuki and Homare/Kazuki [also if Homare as the seme is blasphemy]) ;_; The only problem is that the art is-- It's not the greatest XD ? What would you do in my place? Indulge your favourite pairings anyway (since there's NOTHING about them, apparently?) or consider quality first..?

Ok, now to bed. Apparently I'll sleep around 4 hours today, LOL :D

Also, my sales post. Here.
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