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New purchases∼!

So, SuperComic City is over and I couldn't buy anything ;_; It's really a bad period for purchasing through an agent, isn't it ;_; ? *hugs ceasefire*

Anyway! Yesterday I got some good stuff! So I managed to go at work with a smile on my face despite the terrible 1500-2200 shift--

ALL ROUNDER MEGURU #3 - Aaah, it feels really nice to have an actual copy in your hands T_T Well, it's kinda weird to talk about something that is already so old, but I loved this volume XD --The next one is planned for July... Another long wait, but still acceptable!
LOL at how Meguru had to train with manly Nabe when so many girls are finally attending the gym XD ...No matter what you say, I really believe that Nabe has some gayness for Meguru-- The way he dragged him to his outdoor training, the weird-looking positions while fighting and the cute call to Meguru when he won his first match by submission∼
Also, Maki is awesome. She's totally one of my most favourite kickass female character-- 'Cause she's boy-sh, and "manly", but still cute an feminine-- Without the addition of stupid romance.
Also, the Maria/Momoko XD --Momoko is adorable ♥ But I hope that she won't end up with Yudai 'cause I want her myself XD-- And Kaoru! Kaoru is really cute, too ;___; --Ah, I love Endo's female characters (but Helena from Eden XD)∼!!!
Also, the tiny yakuza arc with Takashi..? Of course Endo had to drag some yakuza stuff into a manga XDD I didn't like it very much ;_; But I loved how it turned into a little lesson about how karate is a discipline created to kill the opponent, and not just a fancy no-contact sport, as taught in modern karate gyms!

Nobody can tell how much I liked this series-- It was dark, pessimistic, and despite the bad end, it's incredible how its message comes through so vividly.
Reading the whole thing in Italian, in a good translation, helped me to understand certain nuances that I missed while reading the scans-- Like the good sides of Irako. That, well, I still dislike XDDD
So, about Mie's death at the end-- I still believe that she killed herself 'cause she saw in a Fujiki prone to obey others' orders a "samurai Gennosuke" that she didn't like, that she considers a "puppet", someone who's not worth her love and the promise-- She had the impression that returning into the favors of a lord, to live under someone else's whims, would drag her back into the pitiful life that she had when dealing with her father-- In fact, Gennosuke and Mie got closer and closer while in misery, without prestige, money or honor left.
The reaction of Gennosuke matches Mie's. His body moved to the word "samurai", reacting to the memories of Kogan, but that same body didn't work 'cause his heart was somewhere else, cursing that shameful act that went against all the new things and feelings that he learned while being an "outcast".
And the story ends like this. The scene under the cherries is obviously a flashback related to the walk to the castle that Mie and Gennosuke did before the tournament... Then maybe Yamaguchi put it there 'cause he's a romantic person at heart, or maybe 'cause he's a sadist XD but we all know that there's no hope for Shigurui's characters anyway ;_;

--Also if here Irako was probably thinking that Gennousuke was his mother XD

Then, ardrak (who came with me in my quest for manga shopping and ATM searching) presented me this∼
--And yeah, he also contributed to manga purchases, since in the end we failed our ATM searching quest D: STUPID WORLD MAKING ME LOOK LIKE THE STUPID WOMAN WHO NEEDS A MAN'S SUSTENANCE >_>;
Anyway, pityful money issues aside, isn't she a cute thing ;o; ?!!! LOL, I promised myself that I'd stop getting Rei figures 'cause my room is exploding and they are a bitch to clean but-- HOW CAN I RESIST ANOTHER REI IN MY COLLECTION? --I just can't ;__; !!!

To top everything with a cute cherry, I was rushing to work when I spotted a suspicious pack in the courtyard-- LOL, the postman threw it in 'cause it was too big for the mail-box XDD
...My copy of Lychee Light Club arrived yesterday afternoon!!
I just loved it the most T_T !! The story is pretty awesome too! And the characters are adorable in their WTFness, but we already knew this XD

All in all, I really hate this "young people are pretty, adults are monsters" Japanese philosophy, but I guess that it's some deformation due to how strict Japanese society is-- All in all, people there, the younger they are, nicer is their life, before dealing with the demanding needs of society-- Here in Western society, we tend to place individuals and their freedom at the first place, so kids look forward to grow up, so they can drive a car, buy things, go to sleep when they want and read porn freely.
Personally, I prefer my chaotic Western society-- but this twisted vision of youth fascinates me too.

I must say that Zera was really fucked up, the poor kid XD And I felt a little sad for Jaibo ;_; He also had the most pitiful death, and he didn't show up in the last scenes with the kids floating in the water (well, for obvious reasons, I guess--)... NOW I CAN'T WAIT FOR BOKURA NO HIKARI CLUB. In the afterwords of the book it's written that Vetical would release it once it'll be done-- OF COURSE I'LL BUY IT.
Quickly: Tamiya is my favourite character, Nico is fighting with him for the top, but second place is a honest thing for him (lol, he'd hate it XD)-- Raizou is the cutest, and Jaibo is forever the prettiest, no matter what. Zera FAILS, but he's still charming. I like Zera/Tamiya ;_; I still can't tell if Jaibo tops Zera or he's the uke, but he's probably the uke who tops from the bottom AND I LOVE HIM XD I still believe that Zera loved Jaibo and he said all that crap about him being a tool and Kanon being his Eve because he was seriously fucked up at the moment-- Also if, as a friend of mine just told me by phone, "People shows their true nature only when they're fucked up"...

Now some random piccies:
Here you can spot the thickness of the book-- It's pretty HUGE D': The price is pretty honest for it, all in all--

The boys∼

LOL, Kanon is so cute XD-- And Litchi going all "?!" x'DDD

And that's all for now, my friends-- Now it's really time for me to update Verflucht and Sameyome, isn't it >_>; ..?
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