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Starry Sky Subcharacters∼

Sorry for late guys, but I got to know that Matsurika has got a butler brother serving Mariya's sister and my brain kinda exploded...

Anyway, the long waited informative post about Starry Sky cute subcharacters ^_^ --Of course only those that strike my attention XD


First appearance: Starry Sky ~in Summer~
Intro: The guys are part of the Archery team of Seigatsu Academy :3 As far as I know, they are just extras in the game, but Tsukiko can date them too in the ~After Summer~ fandisk.
TAKAFUMI (♎) - Takafumi is a second year. He's friends with evil Miyaji (♏). He looks like an easy going-kinda mean type of guy.
YAHIKO (♒) - Yahiko is a second year too, and he is an emotional person, very honest with his feelings.
SHINYA (♑) - Cute little Shinya is a first year, and as the cutey he is, he's usually dragged into his senpai's troubles against his will.
Also, in the ~After Summer~ fandisk, he'll be shown all grown up and smexy-- After High School he would occasionally model because of his good looks∼

CLASSMATES (Rainbow Boys)

First appearance: Starry Sky ~in Autumn~
Intro: They are Tsukiko's classmates-- They are not playable characters and Tsukiko can't date them-- Apparently they just appear in Naoshi (♌)'s route.
They are in the Astronomy Class, Second year.
TAKUYA (♒) - He is described as the "Rude Type", and he's apparently the leader of the Rainbow Boys. He's part of the football team and he's friends with Kensuke. He's an Aquarius.
He calls Naoshi "Naochan".
KENSUKE (♋) - Kensuke is the "Mischievous Type". He plays football with Takuya, and he's apparently his henchman.
He calls Naoshi "Naoshi".
MORIO (♌) - Morio is the "Hotblooded Type" and he's a kind person at heart, if just too much energic. He's part of the Judo team and the Broadcast Club.
He calls Naoshi "Naoshi-sensei".
SHUGO (♍) - He's the "Serious Type". He's part of the Broadcast Club. He has a challenging attitude.
He calls Naoshi "Naochan-sensei".
MAKOTO (♏) - He's described as "Ocharake Type". No idea of what it means. He's the type who would get advantage of others, and enjoys teasing Naoshi the most∼
He calls Naoshi "Haruki-sensei".


First appearance: Starry Sky ~After Summer~
Intro: They are extra characters in the fandisk, who appear in Azusa (♐)'s route.
Izuru and Yuzuru are the sons of Azusa's former Archery master. He left the dojo once he defeated them, seeing that there was no point in dealing with such weaklings.
These guys get again into the picture when the Archery Team of Seigetsu Academy invites the rappresentatives of Rikumi Academy for a series of sparring matches.
YUZURU (♏) - The older brother, Yuzuru is some kind of all-around champion XD He's a second year. He's a serious and dedicated person.
IZURU (♊) - The younger brother, he holds a grudge against Azusa for deserting them (he's obviously gay for him!). He's a first year. He's lousy at many things, but he's into archery.
AI (♋) - Apparently he's a fill-in of another member who got injuried XD The brothers picked him as a rappresentative 'cause they like his form (LOL)... He's a second year.


First appearance: Starry Sky ~After Summer~
Intro: They appear in Homare (♉)'s route, when he goes to introduce Tsukiko to his family.
AMANE (♉) - She's Homare's twin older sister, and just like her brother, she's a very kind and gentle person. --Because of her EXTREME kindness towards Tsukiko, she's thought to be a yuri character XD
KANADE (♓) - One of Homare's little sisters, twin sister of Shirabe.
Kanade is a respectuful and serious kid. She refers to Homare as "Aniki".
SHIRABE (♓) - Homare's little sister and Kanade's twin sister.
She enjoys playing cards with her "Niinii" the most! She's quite jealous of Tsukiko when she appears, but then they manage to get along... She's clingy and stubborn.

Please note that this list is under construction! I will update it as soon as I'll get more infos ^^

And that's all for now! ee ya∼
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