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So guys, the poll is over and here's my ultimate decision.
I'm going to do two webdoujin projects, one dedicated to Archer/Kimbly and another to Uchiha Clan:

The purpose of an online doujinshi is gathering various fans contributions to the subject, so to compile an anthology with the help of everyone ♥

Submissions begins at: January 31st 2010
Submissions Deadline at: September 30th 2010 // November 30st 2010
Sites open at: October 4th 2010 // December 3rd 2010
The dates for the openings are not casual.
October 4 is the day Fullmetal Alchemist anime was first aired in Japan; since Archer and anime!Kimbly appear in the anime version only, I decided to pick this date.
Similarly, December 3 was the day when volume 25 of Naruto manga was first released in Japan. In case you're wondering, is the volume that first revealed the deal with Sasuke and his older brother and the Uchiha Clan Massacre via delicious flashbacks.

I'll be short and fast, if you wanna ask for something, use the comments :3
(adapted from maiyeng's Black Jack project's)

  • I'm accepting only COMICS, 4KOMA and ILLUSTRATIONS. No fanfictions, 'cause they're bothering to read online and a pain to set in the layout.
    Limits: 1 comic story (max 20 pages), 1 illustration, 4 4koma (max 2 pages... 1 page must contain 2 strips, or 1 strip + 1 tiny illustration). You can contribute with more submissions: 1 comic and 1 illustration, 1 illustration and 2 4koma, 1 comic and 2 4koma... It's all up to your free time and will to contribute.
  • Collaborations are ok. An artist can work together with a writer, and various artists can collaborate in the same comic or artworks.
  • All submissions must be read from left to right. (Western Reading)
  • All submissions must be BLACK AND WHITE ONLY. Screentoning is cool, but not mandatory.
  • All artworks must be 424 x 600 PIXELS sized. No exceptions.
  • All artworks must be submitted in .JPG or .PNG format, GREYSCALE method.
  • I'm expecting a good level for your work: clean lines, proper inking, readable contents. You can work with pencil only too, but make sure to polish and contrast your artwork properly. All stories must be complete and autoconclusive.
  • All artworks must be unpublished and original. We all want new stuff to read and look at!
  • No watermarks or links to your websites over the artworks (you'll get proper space for sponsoring in the "Authors Afterwords" pages). They can be signed and dated, of course.
  • Make sure to ALWAYS display the TITLE of your artworks in case of comics and 4koma.
  • You're the owner of your artworks, so you're free to display them online over other galleries or personal websites! I only ask you to wait until the webdoujin is finally online before doing so and to pimp the project around in the Artist's Comments. :3
  • If your submission isn‘t accepted, then I will tell you so and why. I may also advise on how to improve or change your work. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.
  • If your submission isn‘t accepted, then I will tell you so and why. I may also advise on how to improve or change your work. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

  • All genres and themes are welcome; parallel universes, what-if or spin-offs are ok, crossovers are not. Please, stick to the original fandoms.
  • The Archer/Kimbly artworks must focus on the relationship between the two characters. Being professional, romantic or simply friendship-oriented is up to your tastes. The characters can interact with other characters, and other pairings can be hinted too, but make sure that the whole focus must be on the relationship between Archer and Kimbly.
  • The Uchiha Clan artworks must focus on the Uchiha clan and the relationship between its members. As above, romance, business or family randomness are more than welcome... And since there are so many characters and pairings available don't just focus on the ItaSasu goodness, but consider also the other minor pairings and characters.
  • Since the whole thing is going to be published online and my webspace provider is not keen on hosting porn, porn is not allowed.
    Romance is ok as is some suggestive imagery, but I won't accept graphic sex, fluids display and explicit nudity.

  • First of all, comment to this post or contact me via PM with your ideas for the submission... You can also comment just to ask for something that is not clear or such... My English is far from being perfect, so some points may be obscure or lacking.
  • Once you're done with your submission, zip it into some archive and upload it somewhere (Mediafire, RapidShare or MegaUpload), then PM me the download link, and I'll review your work. I'll let you know immediately if it'll be accepted or not.
    In case you're insecure and wanna have some counseling BEFORE starting to work on the finished product, feel free to bother me with your drafts and sketches to check.
    NEVER e-mail me ANYTHING. I won't check anything via e-mail, and rather discuss with you over the stuff via PM or MSN (the address in on my profile).
  • Keep in mind the deadlines for your submissions. I'm not going to ask you for your contribution or spam you with deadlines reminders --Act responsibly.
  • Every author must fill this template for the 'Authors Afterwords' page.
    You can fill the white space with a drawing and a tiny note where you explain your work and your feelings about the subject, sponsor your websites and such. You can also just go wordy and not drawing anything at all, or you can draw something that has nothing to do with the subject of the doujinshi... It's a tiny space for you and you only, a spotlight for your individuality :3
    Please, refrain from using copyrighted materials, screenshots or pictures over there.

    And that's all, I guess.
    Questions? Stuff? Wish me good luck..?
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