October 16th, 2012


Various thingies...

1. I'm not going to post about webcomics update over here anymore.
I'll use the "original stuff updates" tag only if there's something new on the publishing department or to let you know about delays on the releases or special event stuff.
In case you don't know yet,
THE GROOM OF THE SHARK-> is released on MONDAY (yes, yesterday!)
TRA I FIORI-> is released on WEDNESDAY (yes, tomorrow!)

2. I must confess you that I got kinda bored by drawing YAOI and BL-- My next webcomic will probably be a shonen, even if it'll means that I'll have to improve my skills drastically ._.

3. I really look forward to the upcoming Jojo's exhibition in Florence! I'm definitely going there∼!
I just hope that the dates will be released asap, so I can start organizing myself for the trip ♥

4. Yesterday I was watching a TV show about art and design, and Blakes Hotels were mentioned... I think that I wanna go to London just to stay there ;o;
I was checking out the prices for a reservation, and I noticed that the prices for January are kinda approachable-- But the thought of going to London on January-- UGH.

5. I was checking out the Gundam Cafe updates and OMGASASDASF, they made a Mineva's custom menu ;o; !!! S-SO CUTE!!
Also, Kycilia's menu is a brand new item too! Flavoured sausages?! I WANNA EAT THAT!! (also if I think that using "sausages" for a female character is-- not very elegant XDD?)
--Stupid Tokyo, why do you give me reasons to come to your rainy self every time T_T; ?!

6. I read over a forum that my beloved (but dropped) Kaze to Ki no Uta was inspired by a French movie of the 60s, Les Amitiés Particulières ("Peculiar friendships").
As this info amused me to no end, it's time for more suffering! --The video is no longer available but in French language T_T;

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The books will be shipped from Italy by Priority Mail.
You can refer for the prices here (Europe is ZONA 1, Americas/Africa are ZONA 2 and Australia & Co. is ZONA 3).
Priority Mail is not tracked or assured, feel free to ask if you wanna use one of those services.

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