May 31st, 2011


I said that I was going to do considerate shopping...

...And in the end I got back with 3 bags weighing 11 kilos each!

Ah, guys, what a great trip. Despite the electricity saving, the typhoon and the happy earthquake aftershocks I really enjoyed myself!!!
Now I have to get updated about all the anime and manga that I didn't check in these two weeks XD
..And someday I'll review and share all the doujinshi that I got <3 Just gimme the time to organize things (LOL, my room looks like HELL) ^_^;

Ah, in case you're curious, I posted my pictures over Facebook (but I'm still missing some that my friend took when my camera was dead XD)
You can check the albums here:
Osaka ->
Kobe ->
Nara ->
Nagoya ->
I'll post Tokyo's pictures tomorrow, they are too many and I need to sleep @__@

See you in the next days for some shopping check ;D !!!

PS: I LOVE JAPAN AND IT'S THE BEST LACE IN THE WORLD, but I REALLY MISSED my pasta, pizza, bread, bidet towels and coffee D': !!!
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