May 2nd, 2011


Where Dae got delusional and ate falafel with hummus∼

Oh, guys.
Yesterday I got too tired and busy to update you, but so many things happened--

First, I got to meet a hot oyaji priest on my way to work at 6am...
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Then, I went to the movies to watch Thor (it was a nice movie, too bad for the stupid romance-- And Loki ♥ Crying while attacking your brother-- HOW MOE ARE YOU ;__; ..?) and I had some falafel with hummus together with my usual kebab serving--
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--And that's all XD
Later I'm going to make that Starry Sky post I told you about a few days ago :3 --But first I have to watch Tiger&Bunny and Maria-holic new episodes and draw a little *_*