January 28th, 2011



S-So, today I received all my packs ;o; Both my Arckim doujinshi printage and the Comiket booklets <3
As I thought they were blocked in stupid Milan for custom (I had to pay 25 euros D: These fucking thieves!!!) and, obviously, bad weather. We're talking about MILAN, after all (we all know that that place is cursed by the Gods, weather-wise):

No, no lj-cut 'cause I must share with you EVERY SINGLE BIT OF MY AMUSEMENT ;o; !!!

S-So, the booklets arrived in this very cute (and kinda heavy, WTF ò_o) pack∼
Every book was covered with a protective cover ;o;

The cover! The colors are kinda brighter than the original-- But that's expected-- I'm so pleased with how it looks thought <3 The colors are so soft and smooth ;o; OHGAWDPROFESSIONALPRINTING *fap fap fap*

I'm also impressed by the printing quality ò_o It actually looks EXACTLY like the image on my PC! Even that slutty screentone, that promptly comes out DARKER than the original is so perfect here ;___;

As I told you I collected some guest arts from friends <333 Here's laurazel contribution ♥
The other authors are my lovely Blablubb (who contributed with two lovely pics because I tiold her so), Yayoi Neko aka AWESOME (she made Archer/manga!Kimbly pornery!) and raja815!

In the end, some formal thanks ♥ I LOVE YOU ALL ;_____;

...Now onto the technical specs *puts glasses on and turns into a speculative bastard*

As I told you, the booklet is 32 pages long and it features three short stories by yours truly (2 Archer/Kimbly, 1 Kimbly/Archer) and 5 guest illustrations.
Every book costed me 5 dollars to make, but I'm selling these for ONLY 3 EUROS (+shipping fees, of course) 'cause I'm a magnanimous, honest empress.
The contents are obviously SO PORN that when I was drawing them I was blushing. It features various kinks and one of the stories is AU with prisoner!Kimbly.
There's also a Bradley/Archer porn scene, and some cute implied Havoc/Roy in the end >3>

So, yeah, if you wanna buy, poke me over here :D

And yeah, here's a tiny preview of the Comiket goodies that I got ♥ I'll make a proper post with previews and commentaries later after lunch :D Also, I'm going to scan at least two of these∼

Replies to the meme :D

Actually, this meme :3
I got only two comments, boohooo ;_; But that's enough to speak about ME for HOURS >3> !

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And that's all °3° Expect the Comiket doujinshi post in a few hours tomorrow∼
I wanted to take care of it after dinner, but today is Friday and there's Boardwalk Empire on TV, so NO XD