December 25th, 2010




Ok, I'm just back from the Church-- So just you know XD !
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to finish the Christmas piccies that I promised you ;_; You'll get them tomorrow, maybe? Let's hope that I won't die for the excessive eating, instead x'D

Let's cut it short, this is going to be a no-cut post so I can abuse your f-list to my heart content :D

First of all, the cards. I really hope that you'll get them somehow x'D
Features tiny presents for sookybabi, babyrubysoho, whoa_nevermind and DevART friends (RokusukeTanaka and getakichi)--

Now, the giflets that I got from your memes :3 I wish a nice Christmas and a wonderful new year to everyone who's watching me-- If you don't have a piccie for you here it's only because you didn't take part in the meme or I really had no idea of what I could draw you XD So, know that I love you ;__; !!

Itachi/Sasuke for midori_chan17, Envy worm for wingedbullets ^o^

A cute Black Jack for sexy_severus and Tsuna/Kyoko fluff for ceasefire :3

Riker/Data for xel1980 ♥ and Billie Joe (...) for queenseptienna ^_^

And in the end, Adiane for Jacob (thank you again for the card ^o^) and US/UK for maiyeng (thank you for the porny US/UK doujinshi sharing x3 !)!

And that's all, see you tomorrow or so for my replies--! Now I have to go to sleep 'cause tomorrow there's work waiting for me ||OTL


Oh, yeah, my favourite Christmas Song >3> ! LET'S SING IT ALL TOGETHER!