November 23rd, 2006


Music Recs & Failing at Life D:

According Explosm this is the depressing comics week D: !!!
I was willing to contribute with a very VERY sad Arckim one shot but shiny people on MSN kept distracting me >_>; So... Well, I suppose I'll make it tomorrow. Hopefully.

I'm listening to music. Not extraordinary original music but entertaining stuff that I think it would fit the theme of this post... And yeah, I was thinking that they'd make wonderful songs for AMVs ò_o so, well, I hope someone may be inspired. In brackets the character/pairing I thought about :3
Here you go:

Theatre of Tragedy - Let you Down (Lust)
I think I'll let you down / You should have let me go / I think I'll make you leave / 'Cause you have lost control

Muse - Glorious (Scar and the Ishbalians)
It rockets through the universe / It fuels the lies and feeds the curse / And leads me to be / Glorious

Metallica - Die, die my darling (cover) (Greed/Archer/Kimbly)
Dead-end soul for a dead-end girl / Don't cry to me, oh baby / And now your life drains on the floor / Don't cry to me, oh baby

System of a Down - Lonely Day (Treize/Zechs)
And if you go / I wanna go with you / And if you die / I wanna die with you / Take your hand and walk away

And this is a bonus XD It remembers me of my youth ;_;
--And it's the ONLY IN songs that actually has a sort of "melody" XD

Impaled Nazarene - Blood is thicker that Water
And heavens opened for myself / The night was black / As I pulled the trigger of my gun

And that's all ^_^ Let me know what you think about them, I'll be happy to have some feedbacks :D