November 18th, 2006


OpenCanvas practicing + icons

Work is being horrible, I wanna go away from there as soon as possible ;_;
I just hope I'll not make any other mess until the end of the month so I can take my last pay happily and fade into the night even more happily ;_;

Fortunately I'm a resourceful girl and I know how to cheer myself up.
Thanks to elyat I was able to meet openCanvas.
I'm not very enthusiast of it (What does it mean that I can't undo "undo" D: ?!) but it's very funny to play with ^^
I made some naughty fanarts :3 Not extremely worksafe but there's not enough steamy activity to lock them in a friend-only post.
Collapse )

And dulcis in fundo here I go with the last 20 Archer icons batch made for iconfiend100 :3 I must say that I'm very VERY fond of the emoticon ones *uses somes*
People are tempting me to make an Archer mood theme D: I--I don't want, I wanna draw porn D': !
( Follow the fake cut for archery goodies >3 )