November 15th, 2006



Well, today I'm planning to colour the Hughes/Roy pic I made days ago, watching some Gundam Wing and hopefully working on some new icons.
For my online friends, I'll be on MSN around 23.00 Italy time since I'm also going to watch Dr House >3

So, the reason behind this post is my constant doubts about Archer's characterization (ffics writers and RPers may help me). I'm not used to depict Archer as someone who wants to be Fuhrer.
I don't know, but in canon I don't have such an impression: yeah, he's a power-bitch and loves being in control, collects alchemists like they are china dolls and he's a pretty asshole. But I don't see the willing to lead a country behind his actions: it seems to me that he's just willing to be a hero. A hero is something different from a leader; a leader got responsibilities, has to deal with people... I think that Archer wants to be "the ace" of a leader, someone indispensable for a political commander, the mere hand of a superior mind: the only power he's interested in is more the one he can get among his troopers than among civilians...
What are your opinions about it? DISCUSS.
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