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Summer Anime Season! - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Summer Anime Season! [Jul. 7th, 2015|03:23 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
[mood |hothot]

--How is your summer going? Here over Europe we're facing one of those terrible heatstrokes from Africa... This year, though, it looks like it's the Northern countries who are dealing with the worst temperatures, but here in Italy, or at least, here in Rome and its suburbs, your Dae is tortured by humidity, feeling as if she's breathing straight from a hair dryer T^T
I look forward to the upcoming storms, even if it means getting flooded like usual. At least one can breath during a downpour!!

Little comfort comes from the anime season.
Summer anime seasons tend to be quite pitiful, and this year is no exception, so this is the situation of my current watching list:
Out of the various series that I took into consideration, only two were spared from my insults, Ranpo Kitan and Aoharu x Kikanjuu. I hope that Ranpo won't disappoint me like "UN-GO", another series inspired by the works of a popular Japanese writer-- But from the first episodes, despite some main characters that I can barely stomach (read: Kobayashi), I felt as if I'll probably see something that will remind me of the awesomeness of "Mouryo no Hako"... As for Aoharu, at first it looked like some silly shonen-ai series, but when I realized that Tsubasa was actually a girl and that she's pretty awesome, I got intrigued XD The theme of the series is soft-air and survival games, it may be interesting, so I decided to give it a try! The first episode was quite fun!
A little note on my "leftovers" from the previous season: Ore Monogatari!! is probably my favourite series of the lot XD I wasn't expecting it to be so fun and entertaining! And please note the second chance that I'm giving to Gundam Seed: I dropped it after 12 episodes at first, but now a group of fans are *dubbing* it in Italian, so I decided to rewatch it-- The releases are quite slow (for obvious reasons!), so I have the time to "digest" them XD We'll see what happens--

Well, see you when the temperatures will get back to normal! It's just a bother to stay in front of the PC, now D'x !

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