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Yesterday I went to an exhibition dedicated to the English painters of '800 and-- I got lost x'D - [ Glory Box ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Daeva from the Soil

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Yesterday I went to an exhibition dedicated to the English painters of '800 and-- I got lost x'D [Mar. 8th, 2014|05:56 pm]
Daeva from the Soil
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So, yesterday I went with my cousing to check this wonderful exhibition dedicated to Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema and his fellow Preraphaelites and Aesthetists!
The exhibition was set in the adorable Bramante's cloister, by the church of Saint Mary of Peace-- The problematic thing of the location is that it's squeezed into a lots of tiny roads so we got lost x'D

After we got off of the bus that was supposed to bring us nearby, we found this adorable coffe shop/library and we just had to enter XD
The place is called "Invito alla Lettura" ("An Encouragement to Read"), and we loved its kitsch-y look!
The place is clustered with books, souvenirs, posters and old magazines... It's like taking a peek into a tiny museum ^_^ But it's also difficult to look for stuff XD I had the impression that the owners just gathered all the stuff in the room, but are not aware of what they have on their catalogue-- Then again, we just stayed the time to savour some capuccino and took some pics, so the place will need further investigation on my side!

The place has a website but it's still pretty much under construction XD
I'm just linking it to pimp it a bit!

After we warmed up inside, we got back to our quest!

With the help of the GPS of my cousin's cellphone we finally reached the church and the location of the exhibition!

It was a wonderful exhibition! The paintings were linked to the flowers that appeared on them or were connected with their themes, everything was extremely sensuous, romantic and comfortable!
I went there attracted by the names of Burne-Jones and Millais, but I found myself completely in love with the works of Alma Tadema and John Melhuish Strudwick ♥

A special mention to The Roses of Helogabalus, a painting mentioned in the manga Bokura no Hikari Club as an inspiration for the obsession of a young Zera with youth and beauty *_*
I managed to take a quick shot of this masterpiece:
--Thinking that Pérez Simon keeps it in his dining room x'DD !

The exhibition ended with a delightful quote from the movie "American Beauty":
--Not sure if it made much sense, considering that these artists loved to escape reality and refuse modernity, but it was a nice touch XD

On an intriguing note, the cafeteria of the museum came with a signature dish inspired by the current exhibition:
--Sure it sounded appetizing *_* --But it also sounded expensive, so we gave up on it XD
But I'll try it someday and let you know, don't worry ^o^ !

In the end I got back with some souvenirs∼
A postcard of one of my favourite paintings from the exhibition (Crenaia, Nymph of the Dargle by Sir Leighton) and a cute notebook featuring my beloved Roses... I wasn't really fond of the details picked from this painting, but I really wanted to have something reminding me of the event and Sir Alma Tadema, so I had to get it ^_^

Then, as me and my cousing tried to get back, we got lost again XD

Fortunately we happened in one of the most interesting streets in Rome, Coronari Street! It's interesting because it's filled with shops of antique dealers *_*
I took some pics, that didn't come out perfect because it was dark and my digital camera can't stand it, but I hope that they give you the idea of AWESOME:

--Speaking of awesome, I couldn't believe to see yoroi in a Roman shop x'D !

--And then we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant on Largo Argentina since it was obvious that we weren't going to be home for dinner T3T; !

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